Golf lessons in Santa ClaraWatch Yourself Become a Better Golfer!

Indoor and Outdoor High-Tech, Stop Motion Video Instruction and Custom Club Fitting.

  • Professional instruction
  • Instant video feedback
  • V1 Branded Academy
  • Custom club fitting
  • All major brands available

Special Introductory Offer $90 
45 Minute Introductory Swing Analysis 

Prices & Packages

45 minute lesson     $100   
3 lesson pack $279  
5 lesson pack $495 Includes a $100 Range Key & V1 Branded Academy!
10 lesson pack $850  Includes a $200 Range Key & V1 Branded Academy!
15 lesson pack $1195     Includes a $300 Range Key & V1 Branded Academy!  

30 minute lesson  $55.00
30 minute 5 lesson pack    $275  Includes $50.00 Range Key!  

Semi-private lessons (groups of 2 to 4 players) $50.00 per student.  5 lesson pack is $250.00 per golfer, and includes $50.00 worth of free range balls per golfer to encourage practice between lessons!

Using the V1 Sports Digital Coaching System, our Class A PGA trained instructors will capture, compare and analyze your swing and improve your performance by comparing your swing side by side to V1 Golf's library of touring professionals. This state of the art, dual camera system combines three aspects of learning: feel, sight and sound, creating one of the most balanced lessons offered in Northern California.

The V1 Sports Branded Academy allows your instructor to record your swing along with audio instruction, then email it to you for review.  Think about it...before you come to Pruneridge to practice, you can review your lesson, then truly practice with a purpose!  You'll never forget your lesson again!

Our friendly PGA Professionals have made a commitment to make golf a better game for golfers of all ages, genders and abilities. Due to extensive training in teaching golf, these individuals are well versed in the modern techniques of the golf swing and the equipment necessary to help you attain your goals in golf.


Reserve Your Visual Golf Lesson Time    

(408) 248-4424
Mike Bricker, PGA. ext. 304
Jeff Johnson, PGA.  ext. 302
Bill Menkemeller, PGA. ext. 323
Joe Supler (408) 396-9345

Golf Instruction in Silicon ValleyOutdoor Swing Studio
Pruneridge Golf Club's outdoor swing studio allows the golf professional and student to capture his/her golf swing in a controlled environment.  The state of the art, dual camera system combines 3 aspects of learning (feel, sound and sight) creating one of the most balanced  lessons offered in Northern California. 

Improve your golf game at Pruneridge golf clubFlightScope 
is a Doppler based tracking radar unit that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Data parameters such as carry distance is typically within 2-4 yards for driving distances of 250+ yards. On shorter distances such as 150 yards the system achieves even greater accuracy by measuring shots within 1-2 yards.

Telestration Features
The golf instructor is able to more effectively coach his/her student and reinforce proper swing techniques. 





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