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Course Details & Rates

About Our Golf Course

Our nine hole golf course challenges the beginning golfer and offers intermediate and advanced players the opportunity to work on their ball striking, short game and course management strategies. With three par fours and six par threes, the course has the variety to challenge every club in your bag.

Pressed for time? Come on out during the week, you can play in as little as ninety minutes! Even on weekends, it very seldom takes more than two hours to play nine holes. It's a great way to keep your game sharp!

Rates - Effective Jan. 1, 2024
Weekdays $24.00
Weekends $26.00
Holidays $26.00
60 years and older
Valid weekdays only. Holidays excluded
17 years and under
Valid 7 days a week including holidays
Equipment Rental
Walking Carts $5.00
Clubs *Rental clubs are only for playing the course* $15.00

Replay Rates Half Price

  • Starting times are available one week in advance.
  • Tee times are from dawn to dusk (two hours before dark).
  • All golfers must check in 15 minutes before their scheduled tee time.
  • All golfers must have their own bag and clubs.
  • Non-golfers are not allowed on the course.

Course Navigator

  • Hole #1

    Par 3
    "Pin Point Precision"

    Black Tees: 150 yards
    White Tees: 134 yards

    It takes a precise tee shot to be in position to hit this large, well guarded green. A great opening hole to start off your round.
  • Hole #2

    Par 3
    "Go for the Birdie"

    Black Tees: 110 yards
    White Tees: 75 yards

    You must choose the right club to play well. At slightly over 100 yards, consider the pin position and the prevailing wind to get the ball close to the hole on this mildly sloping green. Best to be long rather than short on this hole as the green is protected by sand traps in front of the green on the right and left side.
  • Hole #3

    Par 4
    "Drive for Show"

    Black Tees: 352 yards
    White Tees: 320 yards

    This is the longest hole on the course and, most importantly, well guarded by trees on both sides of the fairway. Whether long or short off the tee, distance control on the second shot is very important. The bunker and ridge in front of the green make for a difficult approach shot that can easily lead to bogie or worse.
  • Hole #4

    Par 4
    "The Tucked Away Green"

    Black Tees: 291 yards
    White Tees: 267 yards

    A slight draw off the tee on this hole is the perfect shot.
    The second shot is very demanding, so choose a tee shot that leaves your most accurate iron in hand. Missing left in the rough or trees will make your par very difficult. Three bunkers and large trees on both sides guard the green. Its best not to attempt to drive this narrow, heavily guarded green!
  • Hole #5

    Par 3
    "Protect the Left and Don't Go Long"

    Black Tees: 167 yards
    White Tees: 134 yards

    Trees on the left and a tight green make this hole tricky.
    This hole can be played a number of ways depending upon the pin placement. Playing from the front of the tee box makes for an easier club selection. When the tees are in the back, your longer iron must still avoid the trees on the left. Don’t be long on this hole as there is nothing but trouble behind the green. Play the ball to the middle of the green no matter where the pin is placed. The green in severely sloped toward the right side with bunkers guarding both the front and back. Remember this green hit in regulation does not guarantee par.
  • Hole #6

    Par 3
    "What you see is what you get"

    Black Tees: 142 yards
    White Tees: 111 yards

    Straight away par 3.
    This is the hole to go after the pin. With no trouble surrounding the green, and a flat putting surface, you can make up a lost stroke on this hole. Give yourself enough club to get to this slightly elevated green. Prevailing winds from left-to-right may not be detected on the tee but can affect your ball as it gets closer to the green.
  • Hole #7

    Par 3
    "Over or Under"

    Black Tees: 130 yards
    White Tees: 97 yards

    It takes a high shot or a punch shot to get to this green.
    This hole has one of the biggest greens on the course, but it is still small when looking from the tee. The hole plays into the prevailing wind and will require you to hit a high shot or very low shot to negotiate the tree on the middle right of the fairway. If the pin is behind the bunker, par is a good score. Once you are on the green the fun is just beginning as this green severely slopes from back to front. This hole is not very long, but don't be fooled - it has some bite.
  • Hole #8

    Par 3
    "Peek a Boo"

    Black Tees: 125 yards
    White Tees: 95 yards

    With the tees set back near the townhouses, this hole is well guarded by trees. The green is also protected by bunkers on both front right and middle left. Club selection is key here - if you miss the green long it is almost a sure bogie.
  • Hole #9

    Par 4
    "Drive the Green"

    Black Tees: 288 yards
    White Tees: 250 yards

    The long hitter can reach the putting surface.
    Select a club that will put you into the middle of this generous fairway for your second shot to a large green. Shots to the right or left of the fairway will find trees or potentially, the driving range on the right!