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Junior Golf

JUNIOR FLEX Golf Program

4 sessions for just $115.00

JUNIOR FLEX Maintenance
2 sessions for just $85.00

Initiation fee $75


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Jody Dartez

PGA Teaching Professional / Flex Director
(408) 248-4424 x 310


The JUNIOR FLEX Program provides Professional Golf Instruction with the ease of a simple workout membership. The model formula for golf of frequency with support is the best way to get desired results. JUNIOR FLEX Golf allows each young golfer to learn at their own pace, parents can set the schedule and sign up for the classes that their golfers need most. The juniors can take different classes or the same class as many times as they like, always under the watchful eye of an experienced professional. Parents will be able to measure improvement as the youth's progress will be evaluated through the use of written materials and skills tests. The JUNIOR FLEX Junior Golf Program is the best value for Junior Golf Instruction period!

Who is the JUNIOR FLEX Program for?

The JUNIOR FLEX Golf Program is for juniors ages 6 to 17. The Junior classes are for all ability levels and cover all aspects of the game.

Class Topics:

Putting - How to control distance, make short putts and read greens.
Pitching - How to control trajectory and distance. Learn strategy.
Full Swing Irons - How to hit irons high and straight.
Full Swing Woods – Learn to create power and accuracy.
Special Classes – Bunkers, Playing Lessons, Safety & Rules


JUNIOR FLEX Maintenance $85 - 2 classes per month
JUNIOR FLEX Standard $115- 4 classes per month
Initiation fee $75


Do all Parents / Guardians have to take the FLEX /JUNIOR FLEX Enrollment class?
The JUNIOR FLEX Enrollment Class is an introduction to the JUNIOR FLEX Program. During this session, the instructor will cover details of the program, recommend classes and take care of the payment process. This class does not count toward your monthly class allotment. If you believe that the program is not for your junior, there is no commitment to continue through the billing process. Past JUNIOR FLEX members re-registering do not need to attend.

Is there an initiation fee? What is the membership commitment?
Along with a TWO Month minimum of membership, The JUNIOR FLEX Program does have an initiation fee of and is included in the first charge of billing. The instructor will have the parents / guardians fill out a billing contract upon attending the JUNIOR FLEX Enrollment class. The golf shop does not receive payment for the JUNIOR FLEX Program.

Do you have to take all the classes once a week or in a calendar month?
One of the benefits of the JUNIOR FLEX Program is the FLEXability. The Standard JUNIOR FLEX Plan allows students to take four Semi-private sessions per month. All classes are conveniently booked online to give Parents the freedom to register for these 4 sessions in whatever secession they’d like. Whether it’s once a week or 4 sessions in one day, it is up to the parent to register for the allotted monthly sessions as there is no monthly rollover of unused sessions.

How does payment work?
Upon attending the FLEX / JUNIOR FLEX Enrollment class, the instructor will go over all of the program details and the billing process. On the 20th of each month, students will be automatically billed for that calendar month. To cancel your JUNIOR FLEX Membership, just send an email to Jody Dartez at Jody@pruneridgegolfclub.com 7 days before the billing period.

What happens when classes are canceled?
Although infrequent, classes may be canceled due to a number of reasons. Full swing classes can take place if it is raining because of the covered range. Short game classes and on-course playing lessons will be canceled if there is inclement weather (75% chance of rain or worse) forecast. Also, there could be instructor time conflicts or facility event time conflicts (tournaments). If a class is canceled inside of 12 hours, students will be notified via phone call and e-mail. If cancelation is made outside of 12 hours students will receive only an e-mail. Students will then need to register for another class to make up for the canceled class.

How many students are in each class?
The PGA of America recognizes that groups of 6 persons or less are considered to be a semi-private lesson. Thus, most JUNIOR FLEX classes have a 6 person maximum with the exception of three-hole playing lessons (4 members) and bunker (4 members)