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Custom Club Fitting

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It all starts in the Pro Shop and we have everything you need at competitive prices. We carry all the latest gear including shoes, bags, balls, clubs, pull carts, and accessories from all the leading manufacturers. Our friendly professional staff will assist you in finding the equipment that will best enhance your game.

We have five factory certified club fitters ready to serve you. Come and experience the difference that friendly and expert service provides.

We are your Authorized Custom Fitting Center for Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Ping, TaylorMade, Titleist and Tour Edge. At Pruneridge, we want you to know that you will never pay more for your equipment. It is also important for you to know that we will get your club fitting right the very first time! You will never have to worry about "play guarantees" because we leave no stone unturned during your club fitting experience. You get to hit balls outdoors where you can see the true ball flight, hear the sound of the ball coming off the club face and feel the true sense of hitting the ball off of real grass.

Get Fit Like a Pro!

Fitting Fee $90 or $45 with purchase of clubs.

Custom fitting involves a personal interview along with your physical measurements and analysis of your current equipment. Combining this with the dynamic FlightScope Launch Monitor technology, we can properly fit your equipment to help you reach your golfing goals. Properly fit equipment will help you maximize the relationship between your swing and your clubs. Poor fitting clubs will not allow you to reach your true potential, often requiring you to compensate with bad swing fundamentals. Our certified fitter / instructors will help you to understand this club to swing relationship.

Flightscope Launch System

Flightscope Launch Monitor is the most accurate instrument in ball launch analysis technology today. The Flightscope launch System uses the most advanced techniques to gauge the exact speed, backspin, sidespin, vertical angle and side angle of every shot. Flightscope Launch Monitor stores all information for comparison and analysis.

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer

This great tool measures critical points about the shaft during the swing then recommends the best shafts for your personal swing.

8 Points to a Great Fit

Lie Angle:
This angle is meastured at impact. It is the angle of the shaft in comparison to the sole of the club and it's relationship to the ground. This very important angle influences direction, distance and consistency.

Club Length:
Proper shaft length is critical in producing distance and accuracy. The correct length will give a golfer the best opportunity to make solid contact. Without solid contact, distance and accuracy will be affected.

Shaft Flex:
Shaft flex affects trajectory, accuracy and distance. In general, for the best control, go with the most flexible shaft that you can control. At Pruneridge, we use the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer as a starting point when fitting for the correct shaft and shaft flex.

Launch Angle (loft):
The launch angle along with the correct spin rate of the golf ball will optimize the golfer's potential for distance and accuracy.

Shaft Flex Point:
Flex point is where the shaft bends the most during the swing. A low flex point shaft usually aids golfers with slower swing speeds and a high kick point shaft helps the faster swinger. Proper flex point helps the slower swing speed golfer hit the ball higher (and further). Proper flex point for a high swing speed golfer will keep the ball from "ballooning" or going to high, resulting in optimum distance.

Club Head Design:
Proper club head design can help correct errant shots. Based on your ability to hit the sweet spot on your iron, you can choose between forged muscle back, cavity back irons, cast cavity back or super forgiving cavity back irons.

Swing Weight:
This is a measurement of the relative distribution of weight in a golf club. It is important to match the swing weight to your natural swing tempo.

Grip Size:
Proper grip size enhances the player's ability to square the club face at impact resulting in longer and straighter golf shots.