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Our golf course challenges the beginner and is an interesting alternative for the more advanced player. You will be able to take the training you receive at our advanced training facilities and apply it to a real golf course on the premises.


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Hole #7 - "Over or Under" It takes a high shot or a punch shot to get to this green.

                  Par 3

BlackTees: 130 yards,
WhiteTees: 97 yards,


hole 6

This hole has one of the biggest greens on the course, but it is still small when looking from the tee. The hole plays into the prevailing wind and will require you to hit a high shot or very low shot to negotiate the tree on the middle right of the fairway. If the pin is behind the bunker, par is a good score. Once you are on the green the fun is just beginning as this green severely slopes from back to front. This hole is not very long, but don't be fooled - it has some bite.